Možeš li da nastaviš 12/12 stihova Ariane Grande?

Šuška se ovih dana da Ariana Grande priprema novi album (o tome možeš da pročitaš ovde), no da li dobro pamtiš stihove sa njenih prethodnih albuma? U nastavku te čeka kviz u kome testiramo tvoje znanje u poznavanju Arianinih stihova. Šta čekaš!?

  • Pitanje od

    Always on the lookout for someone to hate
    Pickin’ on me like

    • a dinner plate
    • I’m always late
    • a sugar plate
  • Pitanje od

    In slow motion
    Can’t seem to get

    • where we’re going
    • what we’re doing
    • where we’re wronging
  • Pitanje od

    Painted a picture; I thought I knew you well
    I got a habit of seeing

    • what isn’t there
    • your pretty face
    • your shady face
  • Pitanje od

    Sometimes it’s hard to find,
    find my way up

    • into the clouds
    • into the sky
    • into the lies
  • Pitanje od

    I’m comin’ at ya
    ‘Cause I know you got

    • a bad reputation
    • bad blood
  • Pitanje od

    But I wanted to believe you,
    trust you You said you

    • wouldn’t lie
    • would lie
    • wouldn’t cry
  • Pitanje od

    Boy, you give me feelings never felt before
    I’m making it obvious by

    • knocking at your door
    • singing to your soul
    • wanting you more
  • Pitanje od

    It’s gettin’ hard for them to shock me
    But every now and then,

    • it’s shocking
    • it’s crazy
    • it’s basic
  • Pitanje od

    Why don’t we face the danger

    • just for the night and forget?
    • let’s pick up the pace
    • It’s obviously insane
  • Pitanje od

    Usually, I would love it if you stayed the night
    I just think I’m

    • on another page tonight
    • saying I need me time
    • on my own tonight
  • Pitanje od

    I don’t care if you got her in your heart
    All I really care is

    • you wake up in my arms
    • I take you home tonight
    • I let you go
  • Pitanje od

    We step out on a Friday night
    New front page

    • it’s a cute headline
    • who is that guy?
    • We are in the spotlight