Finish the Lyrics: Marcus and Martinus

Marcus & Martinus su upravo objavili novi singl Love You Less – ali koliko znaš njihove stare pesme?

Samo pravi fanovi će umeti da završe 12 od 12 pesama M&M! Započni kviz i podeli rezultat!

Marcus & Martinus have just published their new single, Love You Less, but how well do you know their songs? Only true M&M fans can finish 12 out of 12 songs! Play the quiz below and let us know if you are superfan!

  • Pitanje od

    There was no way to grab my phone…

    • get you on the line, yeah
    • get you off the line, yeah
    • get on the line, line
  • Pitanje od

    With every smile, every look…

    • I go crazy
    • I go mad
    • You go crazy
  • Pitanje od

    We used to be rocksteady

    • now I love you less
    • Now I hate you more
    • you jelly, you jelly
  • Pitanje od

    You’re the type of girl that got…

    • … all I love
    • everything that I’m looking for
    • all that I’m looking for
  • Pitanje od

    Vi suser ne mot stranda

    • Og sola gjør oss varm
    • Så skal jeg vise sjarm
    • Jeg hadde kjøpt meg kano
  • Pitanje od

    I know its late, but I must say

    • I’m digging this thing
    • you’re looking like bling
    • You’re bling bling
  • Pitanje od

    Hands up on your waistline

    • I don’t wanna waste time
    • I know that you’d love life
    • I can feed your appetite
  • Pitanje od

    But I’m lying here alone

    • So I put you in a song
    • Beside my heartbeat
    • But I gotta keep on talking
  • Pitanje od

    We’re in the left lane, never going back again

    • You make me laugh
    • you’re driving me insane
    • you know me better than I do
  • Pitanje od

    Du var overlegen lattis nesten overdreven pen

    • Hvordan foreholdt meg oppe med gele i mine ben
    • Og forrige gang vi hang det var på skolefesten e var så
    • Og e så på de du så på me
  • Pitanje od

    Make a bad wish, then hope

    • Breathe my air, let it sink in, move slow
    • Feel the base line through the floor
    • Getting to my system slow
  • Pitanje od

    Remind me where we used to go

    • We got lost in our favourite song
    • You took me high, you took me low
    • Give me that sweet, sweet fire